Oh, man, I've never wondered this until now, but are Nomex suits machine washable? Because if not, those suits should probably be burned disposed of in some permanent manner. » 3/26/15 7:32pm Thursday 7:32pm

I dunno, I see it as just a modified car. It's still an Aston, and I don't think Fisker is claiming otherwise. It's not like that Will.I.Am abomination that was claimed to be an all-new, original vehicle when really it was a 30-year-old Delorean with a dick-shrivelingly ugly body kit tacked on. » 3/26/15 7:20pm Thursday 7:20pm

Before reading anything, I knew about where this was just from that first image. I've made that drive from Dallas to Austin so many times the images are burned into my brain like an old CRT screen that was left on too long. » 3/26/15 6:07pm Thursday 6:07pm

For the most part, I like it. But for some reason, modern bucket seats look so out of place in a body like that I just can't wrap my head around it. I think it'd be cooler with a bench. But being custom, one could probably order it with one. » 3/25/15 2:02pm Wednesday 2:02pm

I kind of want to see the concepts combined. I'd like to be picked up in a new Lambo that's been beaten up, bondoed, primered, and sports fake portholes from Pep Boys and chrome spinner wheel covers. Oh, and those neon-colored double wiper blade things. » 3/25/15 1:43pm Wednesday 1:43pm

It's funny you say that. I think the Focus ST is cool in that "I'm glad they make it" kind of way, but the two cars I immediately thought of as more desirable alternatives were the WRX and the Fiesta ST. » 3/24/15 5:52pm 3/24/15 5:52pm