What the hell happened to Google? It's not just Chrome that sucks lately. Gmail has gone from being this wonderfully stripped-down and functional thing to a bloated monster too. And Google Drive just plain doesn't work. As an iOS user, I just got my first Android device recently, and it just doesn't function with the… » 2/20/15 12:01pm 2/20/15 12:01pm

If you're going by percentage gained, I'd have to say the 1950s. At the beginning of the '50s, a powerful car had around 110 hp from a wheezing flathead engine. By the end of the decade, a powerful car made around 330 hp, thanks to higher compression and better-breathing OHV heads. That's a 200-percent gain. » 2/19/15 5:37pm 2/19/15 5:37pm

At this point, I think service techs should be prohibited from driving customer cars at all without the customer present. Let the customer pull the car into the service bay, and back out. If there's a reason for a test drive, it should only be done with the car's owner riding shotgun. » 2/18/15 7:21pm 2/18/15 7:21pm

That's the part that bothers me. I don't mind some regions having tougher standards than others. But I think any car that can demonstrate it meets those standards via a sniffer test should automatically pass, regardless of whether it's stock or not. My own car would actually pollute less and use less fuel with a few… » 2/18/15 3:09pm 2/18/15 3:09pm

I am an Apple user. My home computer is an iMac and my last two phones have been iPhones. I use a Mac Mini at work, and used Macs all through college. For the most part, I find them better than competing products. I do have an Android tablet, and it's not as quick, reliable, or well-integrated as my iPhones. » 2/17/15 2:23pm 2/17/15 2:23pm