I wouldn't think typing a text message, which is the dangerous part while driving, would emit any kind of signal. Sending it, sure. But until you hit send, why would the phone be beaming out signals to the world saying, "Hey, this person is writing a text message"? » 9/19/14 6:41pm Friday 6:41pm

Teachers demanding everyone's full attention as a demonstration of "respect" was a huge pet peeve of mine when I was in public schools. What those assholes need to realize is that the students aren't there because they want to be; they're there because they're forced to be. Forcing someone to do anything isn't a great… » 9/19/14 2:16pm Friday 2:16pm

Why You Shouldn’t Buy An NA Miata

Over the last half-decade or so, Mazda’s Miata has been enjoying something of a reboot of its reputation. Long derided as a car unfit for those packing chest hair, the new line is that it’s a hot, affordable little roadster that offers all of the joys of sports-car motoring without the headaches induced by owning… » 9/16/14 10:41pm Tuesday 10:41pm

Kids aren't picky eaters to exert control. They're picky eaters because their tastebuds are more sensitive, especially to bitterness, and quite a lot of foods taste like shit to them. Picky or not, everyone has at least a few things they won't eat. So just imagine someone trying to force you to eat whatever disgusting… » 9/16/14 6:16pm Tuesday 6:16pm